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Politechniki Śląskiej w Gliwicach
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Krzysztof Mrozowski


Former choir member (tenor) and currently the Manager of the Association of Friends of the Academic Ensamble of the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, which main goal is to arrange and fund events of the Ensamble.

After many years of being asked to do so by his parents, who are close friends with Krystyna Krzyzanowska-Loboda and her family and were members of her choir in the past as well, he finally decided to join the Ensamble at the end of October 2010. Krzysztof claims that this was a good moment to start his journey with the Choir, as the recrutation process went well that year and there were many great events arranged, including trip to Germany and workshops in Szczyrk. He said: That was it! After those events I got to know the scores and was already integrated with other members. I could not imagine Tuesdays and Thursdays without a rehearsal!. 

The best year of being the choir member was 2012, when Krzysztof met his wife, Wiktoria, who was the oboist in the Ensamble’s Instrumental Group at that time. In the coming years, Krzysztof started to take part in the managing structures of the Ensamble, which resulted in being elected for the Manager of the Ensamble for the seasons 2013/ 2014 and 2014/2015.  

Now Krzysztof is no longer an active choir member, but he takes part in some projects if he has enough time and is always trying to be present at the concerts.