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International Musical Workshops Musica pro Europa


According to the Conductor prof. Krystyna Krzyzanowska-Loboda, organization of the International Musical Worshop Musica pro Europa is the greatest achievement of the Ensamble.

The idea was created in 1997, a year after Academic Music Ensamble of the Silesian University of Technology was found. At the beginning it was not meant to be a periodical event, but a single concert. In cooperation with Narewska Symphony Orchestra, AZM organized Polish-Estonian Music Academy People to People International, which adopted the suffix Musica pro Europa in 2002. Choirs, symphony orchestras and conductors took part in the project, performing along with AZM throughout the years. These meetings are a great opportunity to integrate musicians from all over Europe, allowing smooth performance of large-scale pieces, like oratorios and masses. The final concert of the workshop is always a huge event, with television and radio transmissions often involved. For example, 350 artists took part in the Carmina 2000 concert and this wonderful masterpiece including lights show, ballet and fireworks was admired by audience of over few thousand people.


To this day, the following pieces were performed at the Musica pro Europa workshop:

I MWM Carmina 2000 (2000): Carl Orff – Carmina Burana;
II MWM Fide Integrati (2001): Aleksander Tichonowicz Greczaninow, Liturgia domestica op. 79;
III MWM Musica pro Europa (2002): Ortwin Benninghoff, Mensch, Gott aus Erdenkind oratorio, polish premiere of the piece, dedicated to Krystyna Krzyzanowska-Loboda;

IV MWM Musica pro Europa (2003): Norbert Blacha’s gospel pieces;
V MWM Musica pro Europa (2004): Carl Orff, Carmina Burana. Multimedial show with an extraordinary concert performed as part of the celebration of Poland’s accession to the European Union;
VI MWM Musica pro Europa (2005): Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Psalms nr 115 and 43, Final concert Przekroczyc Prog Nadziei, performed in memory of Saint John Paul II;

VII MWM Musica pro Europa (2006): Giuseppe Verdi, Requiem d-moll;
VIII MWM Musica pro Europa (2007): Georg Friedrich Haendel, Messiah;
IX MWM Musica pro Europa (2008): Gioacchino Rossini, Stabat Mater;
X MWM Musica pro Europa (2011): Gabriel Faure, Requiem, Christoph Schoepsdau, New York Mass;
XI MWM Musica pro Europa (2013): Johannes Brahms, Ein Deutsches Requiem
XII MWM Musica pro Europa (2016): Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Requiem d-moll KV626, Antonín Dvořák, Requiem op. 89;
XIII MWM Musica pro Europa (2019): Stanisław Moniuszko, III Litania Ostrobramska, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Spatzenmesse in C-Dur KV 220.

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